Scientific committee

EuroDURG Executive Committee members

  • Marion Bennie, Scotland  (Chair)
  • Bjorn Wettermark, Sweden
  • Katja Taxis, Netherlands
  • Ria Benko, Hungary
  • Monique Elseviers, Belgium
  • Anna Birna Almarsdottir, Denmark
  • Brian Godman, UK
  • Gabriel Sanfelix-Gimeno, Spain
  • Sabina Vogler, Austria
  • Elisabetta Poluzzi, Italy
  • Paraskevi Voula Papaioannidou, Greece
  • Gisbert Selke, Germany

Hungary Representatives

  • Soós Gyöngyvér (Szeged University )
  • Hankó Balázs (Budapest, Semmelweis University)
  • Judit Bidló (National Health Insurance)

WHO representative

  • Suzanne Rose Hill  (WHO Regional Office for Europe)

ISPE SIG DUR representative

  • Douglas Steinke

Junior EuroDURG researcher representatives

  • Tanja Mueller  (University of Strathclyde – Secretary to the Scientific Committee)
  • Ramune Jacobsen (University of Copenhagen)



Anna Birna
Social and Clinical Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Co-chair: Emerging capabilities to generate medicines intelligence data at scale
Co-chair: The role of drug utilisation data in evaluating safety of drug use



Balázs Hankó
University of Semmelweis, Budapest, Hunagary
Hungary representative



Björn Wettermark
Department of Pharmacy Uppsala University, Sweden
Co-chair: Drug Utilisation Research as a tool in the introduction of new medicines; Challenges for Drug and Health Policy; Psychotropic drug use



Douglas Steineke
University of Manchester, UK
ISPE SIG DUR representative



Monique Elseviers
University of Antwerp, Belgium
Session: The re-rewarding of primary data collection and field research, Title: "Creative methodologies of primary data collection and field research in resource-restricted settings: examples, opportunities and limitations”
Co-chair: Challenges for cross-national comparison research; Medicines use in old age: Drivers of polypharmacy and quantification of the problem



Katja Taxis
University of Groningen, Netherlands
Co-chair: Emerging capabilities to generate medicines intelligence data at scale
Co-chair: Policies on deprescribing – an international view



Ramune Jacobsen
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Sessions: Methods (Advanced methodology, The added value of doing mixed-method research)
Co-chair: Evolving data streams, CVD and diabetes



Ria Benkő
Clinical Pharmacy Department, University of Szeged, Hungary
Co-chair: Combating antibacterial resistance – a One Health approach
Co-chair: Antimicrobial stewardship interventions



Tanja Mueller
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland 
Session: Basic statistical methods – Presenting, visualizing and interpreting drug utilization data using descriptive statistical methods
Session: Early-career researcher event
Co-chair: Implementation of Interventions