Oral presentation guidelines

General Information

PowerPoint projection will be available in the session rooms which are equipped with a laptop or desktop computer, a projector, a microphone and a pointer. All the hardware elements will be provided by the organizers to ensure consistency in technical quality and allow for quick and smooth transition between the speakers. If the presentation contains very special characters or needs other fonts, they have to be provided by the speaker. If not embeded, the video files attached to the presentation must be located in the same folder as the presentation files. Each speaker must ensure that his/her presentation (incl. questions) is no longer than that stipulated in the programme. The Chairpersons of the Sessions will be strict on timing.

In the menu "Program overview” you can consult when your presentation takes place. The indicated time includes 5 minutes discussion. You are free in making the presentation of your choice but we expressly request you to stick to the time allocated. The chairs will monitor that you strictly adhere to the foreseen time frame.

We kindly ask you to hand your presentation on USB stick well in advance in the room where the session will take place:

  • Morning presentations (before lunch time): between 8.15h and 8.45h of the presentation day at the latest.
  • Afternoon lectures (after lunch time): during lunch time of the presentation day at the latest.

Please go to the room where your presentation will be held 15 minutes in advance (preferably prior to the key lecture preceding your presentation). The locations of the sessions is available at the meeting website, in the menu “Scientific program>>Program overview”.

Instructions for Presentation

Supported presentation types:

  • MS Office
  • Adobe PDF
  • Prezi

Following mass storage devices are accepted:

  • USB stick
  • external HDD
  • via net connection

We strongly recommend that you save your presentation on two different devices.

Recommended presentation ratio:

  • 4:3 (all the screens are 4:3 ratio but projection of 16:9 or 16:10 ratio slides is also possible on them)